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Imanes personalizados

Your refrigerator gallery just got a new addition in the Art Department—fun and out-of-the-box fridge magnets! Now you can hang artwork, calendars, schedules and family highlights while also showing a little sass. These cool magnets for the fridge can showcase photos, designs, sayings and make-you-smile items by the backpack-ful—and, you can choose individual magnets or order them by the 100-pack (just in case). These are fun fridge accessories that are available in different shapes and sizes (rectangles or smaller circles) to hang any artwork on the refrigerator in style.

Si estás pensando en qué te gustaría que tu heladera diga específicamente, ¡no te preocupes! Hay innumerables frases (e imágenes). Y si no encuentras algo irresistible para tu heladera, siéntete libre de diseñar tus propios imanes para heladera personalizados.